When you hear "public policy," what comes to mind?


Detailed research reports?  Think tanks...data points...fine print?

POLICY MOVES answers that question in a different way.

We bring strong analytic and documentary story telling skills to translate policy facts and figures into compelling visual stories, conveying the impact on real people's lives.

Partnering with public interest organizations, government agencies and private funders, we move policy off the printed page and bring it to life.

Our highly acclaimed short films ensure that the most innovative solutions to today's most pressing problems are accessible, inspiring, and successful.



GroundSpark ignites change through film. With POLICY MOVES we take policy off the printed page and bring it to life, making it accessible and inspiring.

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Entrenched rural poverty. No path to college. Lack of affordable housing. Health and environmental destruction.

See how we've accelerated creative policy solutions to these challenges.  

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